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PR: Miist: Redefining Pop with a Clean, Positive Spin

Pop music has a new sensation, Miist, produced by Multi-Grammy Winner Narada. With the release of 'I'm Not Afraid to Dream Again,' her latest Clean-Pop single, on January 26, 2024, Ephemeral Music invites listeners to experience what sets Miist apart.

miist the singer poses with backup dancers from the i'm not afraid to dream again music video available on youtube for cleanpop fans
Miist & Performers from 'I'm Not Afraid to Dream Again' Music Video

Her genre, Clean-Pop, mirrors the rise of Nate Bargatze's 'Clean Comedy' in its family-friendly and positive nature, tapping into a significant, yet often overlooked, segment of the $30B Music Industry. Many countries worldwide ban explicit music and music videos, and listeners may not realize that the amount of music heard daily on streaming channels is 'cleaned,' with some FM stations reporting having to clean as much as 50% of the music on the radio today.

Miist The Singer's upcoming 2024 social media campaigns will encourage fans to participate in random acts of kindness and spread uplifting stories through social media. Miist is challenging the music industry to recognize the importance and financial viability of family-friendly music. She also plans to activate her fans in an upcoming social media campaign to gather in New York City's Times Square and participate in her #MiistInspires movement.

"I am constantly being advised by major music industry players that they need family-friendly music with videos that can be shown worldwide without editing. Although I did not intentionally position myself as a Clean-Pop Artist, it has been instrumental in my success," shares Miist, who is currently recording with Narada Michael Walden at Tarpan Studios, himself a father of two young children. "I want my music to be fun, danceable, singable and I want my videos to be entertaining but I have no interest in being explicit. That is just not who I am nor who I will ever be. I want parents to be able to watch a fun video with their children, like I do, without worrying about having to cover their ears or eyes."

Miist's label, Ephemeral Music Inc., is committed to pushing ahead with additional single drops by Spring 2024. Her latest single 'Remember Me Again' quickly climbed the iTunes charts, ranking #16 in all genres. The hauntingly romantic pop song surpassed 'Flowers' by Miley Cyrus, 'Is It Over Now' by Taylor Swift, and 'Dance the Night' by Dua Lipa. At the beginning of February 2024, 'Remember Me Again' will rotate on MTV, More Music, and Stingray Music.

Since her first video was added to YouTube on November 1, 2023, Miist's storytelling approach to songwriting has resonated with almost 5,000 subscribers, generating over 2,000,000 streams and 1,500,000 video views. With the momentum growing, it is easy to project the world is ready for Miist The Singer and her message of kindness and positivity.


Narada Michael Walden, the Grammy award-winning producer, has worked with artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Wynonna Judd, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Lionel Ritchie, Lisa Fischer, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Jeff Beck, and The Temptations. His music flows freely from pop, rock, and soul to the rarified realms of jazz, fusion, and world music.



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