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Behind the Scenes - Miist 'Move Your Body Slowly Music Video Shoot in California

'Sometimes no matter how crazy things are around you - all you want to do is slow dance with the one you love.'

miist prepares for the dance scene choreographed by chelsea in california for ephemeral music
Prepping for the slow dance scene in front of the sunset!

The music video for 'Move Your Body Slowly' was filmed inside a breathtaking $30M property in California. After watching one of the Miist music videos, the representative for the property contacted Ephemeral Music (Miist's management) and offered to use it for a future music video location.

miist dance with steadi-cam at $30m home in california for move your body slowly video for ephemeral music

With its stunning vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge, it wasn't long before Miist decided to shoot there. As you can see in the video, the interior is just as stunning as the exterior.

miist on set of move your body slowly music video for ephemeral music in california

The video for 'Move Your Body Slowly' was shot over two days, and on the second, the crew captured a magnificent sunset!

Miist wrote this track with Narada Michael Walden, her Grammy Award-winning producer in California. Narada sent a beat track and asked her to write the music and lyrics.

"When I heard the beat track, the words 'Move Your Body Slowly' popped out at me. Most people would think the dance is about something more intimate, but it is really about what it says to me no matter how crazy things are going around you, all you want to do is slow dance with the one you love."

"To start the process, I imagined myself at a rocking party. The music was loud and pumping. Everyone, including me, was dancing like crazy and having a great time. Suddenly, I saw my husband walk in, and our eyes locked as he walked toward me. When he finally put his arms around me, the world and the party melted away, and all I wanted to do was slow dance with the one I love."

We joined Miist at Tarpan Studios to interview her about her experience writing and releasing the video for 'Move Your Body Slowly.'

Is there a symbolism or special meaning behind wearing the colour pink?

My daughter and I both adore the colour pink! It is our favourite colour, and, especially after seeing the Barbie movie, I was moved to incorporate this stunning shade of pink into my set wardrobe. Honestly, the outfit was challenging to put together as I had purchased the pants first and couldn't find a jacket and camisole that was that same hot pink. I don't work with a stylist, so between everything needed to shoot a music video, doing wardrobe is that extra layer of challenge that I enjoy, even though sometimes it can be physically exhausting!

How did you prepare physically for such an intensive music video shoot?

Oh, I did so much practice! Given the availability of the home, there was very short notice to get this shoot together. My choreographer, Chelsea, is from Vancouver, BC, Canada, so she did the choreography by video for me only three days before the shoot; for two solid days, I was trying to remember all the movements. I also did pilates and stretching to help with my endurance and strength. I greatly respect artists who do long live shows, as it is like running a marathon! I was exhausted after those two days!

What or who was the inspiration for this song? Was there a specific moment in your life that you were capturing and conveying?

My husband. Things can get crazy in our lives right now. So much is happening, and many songs are being written and performed. There is so much to do, and he has his business interests as well, so at the end of the day, when everything is done, sometimes I want to be held and danced with slowly to help the stress of the day go away.

How do you hope this song will speak to your audience?

"This song doesn't require too much thinking! Feel the beat and dance. That is what it is about. The message is 'enjoy what you are doing with the ones you love' even if you are distracted by this wild world. At least as much as possible."

What would you like the viewer to take away emotionally from watching the video?

"I want them to smile and start it again because it's fun. Interesting fact about this video. The team that filmed it has done lots of music videos, and they warned us when we started the first day of filming that we would likely be sick of the song at the end of the two days, but a strange thing happened. After we wrapped the filming, we were still humming the song and talked about how we still enjoyed listening to it. It is a timeless, upbeat song. It's a song you can listen to over and over again. It just makes you happy."

Tell us more about learning choreography and who designed it for you.

"My choreographer, Chelsea, designed the routines. What is important about choreography for dance videos is that the designer knows what your limitations are, and that is not just physical. They have to see what you are wearing if it will stretch and breathe, and what movements can be done without the clothing bunching or, in my case, without hitting the fascinator. The movements have to be fluid and beautiful but also have many constraints."

Were you comfortable dancing in front of the cameras?

I don't think about being in front of a camera. I think about being in front of people. I want them to enjoy the visual artistry and the music, so I try not to think too much and just convey the emotions to have fun and dance with me!

This video is so fun and flirty! What were you seeking to share with your audience about yourself?

A lot of my songs have profound meanings. While this one also has an important message to slow down and enjoy the ones you love, it is mostly about getting up and letting go. That is something I am still learning to do.

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