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Behind the Scenes - Miist 'I'm Not Afraid to Dream Again'

"Believe in me and I won't be afraid to dream."

Shot entirely in a production studio with cutting-edge technology and a cadre of professional dancers, with this video, Miist the Singer has stepped out of her comfort zone and learned dance moves with choreographer Chelsea to ensure the vision for the video was realized that emulated the ethos of the song.

miist with chelsea the choreographer on the set of music video for I'm not afraid to dream again in vancouver, bc, canada

There is an interesting backstory to this song. When Miist met Grammy Award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, she knew she was new to writing music, and her confidence was not as strong as it could have been. It was definitely a new experience but she was curious to see if she was good at it and could have a future in the industry.

"I mentioned the song title to him before, but I couldn't find the right music, and I ended up writing another song, 'It's Not My Dream.' But Narada wanted those specific words, 'I'm Not Afraid To Dream Again,' so I worked on it for several more days, and a new song was born."

Interview with Miist - 'I'm Not Afraid to Dream Again'

How do you hope this song will inspire your audience to reflect and grow?

"I was working as a bookkeeper for most of my adult life. I had just learned that I could write music when I was 33. Then I met Narada, and now other musicians like Carlos Santana, and I get to work with these wonderful geniuses, so I find myself dreaming of what I could do. How many people could I connect with and inspire?? No matter our age and where we are in our lives, dreaming is hope, and hope gives us a reason to try new things and persevere. That is what I want people to take from this song."

What would you like the viewer to take away emotionally from watching the video?

"Don't be satisfied with where or who you are if it does not bring you joy. Try new things, let people believe in you and try believing in yourself. In the end, at least you will have had fun trying! We are very goal-oriented in this world, but we often remember the journey the most, not the gold ring. It is never the material things that we remember late in life - it is the people and experiences we've had, so please go and create some experiences to remember!"

This video differs from yours in that it is less based 'in reality' and more in the 'intellectual space' using modern dance. What was it about the subject matter that led to a minimalist approach to the storytelling?

"I had a slightly different vision for this video - even more minimalist than the final result, but the studio we were filming in ended up having some restrictions, and we couldn't do some things. The video is uplifting and aspirational. I want people to watch the video and not be afraid to dream - even the biggest dreams."

miist on set with chelsea the choreographer shooting i'm not afraid to dream again in vancouver bc canada production studio

This video introduces us to two dancers that we will also see perform in the 'Remember Me Again' video. How did you meet them, and do you have a strong connection with them?

"Chelsea is my choreographer. I met her through her booking company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has become very important to me as she is doing almost all my dance work now, including my TikTok challenge videos!"

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