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INTERVIEW! Power 103 Atlanta KISS FM: Miist & Narada

Multi-platinum Emmy and Grammy winner producer Narada and Miist join KISS FM for this exclusive phone interview to discuss her new album 'The Songs From the Living Room.'

"I write about my emotions and they are triggered when I meet people. Like when I met Narada, the emotions that I felt inspired me to write songs like 'I'm Not Afraid to Dream Again," says Miist.

Who is Miist's Producer?

Narada Michael Walden or 'Narada,' as he is known in the industry, has earned equal acclaim as a recording and performing artist in his own right. Beginning as a drummer first with the pioneering Mahavishnu Orchestra following Bill Cobham (at 21 years old), he also toured with Jeff Beck, Tommy Bolin, and Weather Report. Through eleven acclaimed solo recordings, along the way he has branched into a wide range of sonic arenas. Walden’s music includes groundbreaking soundtrack work on such blockbuster films as The Bodyguard, Free Willy, Beverly Hills Cops II, 9 ½ Weeks and Stuart Little, to the Emmy Award-winning “One Moment In Time,” the theme to the 1988 Olympic Games.

The list goes on, but the artistry of Narada is about more than charts positions and record sales. There is a powerful spiritual component at the heart of everything this richly gifted artist undertakes. He incorporates an attuned and intuitive approach with a deep appreciation for music’s transforming power. Simply put, the artistry of Narada gets to the heart of the matter, about matters of the heart.

Learn more about how they met and what gets them excited in the studio, in this new interview!



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