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Behind the Scenes - Miist 'Remember Me Again' Music Video in Vancouver, BC

"You never want to be forgotten by the one you can never forget."

miist on set shooting remember me again video in vancouver bc canada for ephemeral music inc

In a production studio in Vancouver, BC, Miist the Singer prepares for a long day of shooting the music video for her song 'Remember Me Again.' Even though it is daunting, she is excited about the creative vision that is about to be realized through the efforts of a dedicated team of professionals. Shot over four hours - two in the day and two at night - the video tells the story of a love lost but never forgotten.

With mirrors and metallic silver highlights, the set - consisting of a large room with four walls - has been decorated to reflect a long-forgotten era of the Great Depression. Everything from the picture frames and the faux-exposed brick has been thoughtfully incorporated into the scenes, as has Miist's 1920s glamour wardrobe, hair and make-up, and signature fascinator.

miist the singer poses with two principal dancers on her video shot of remember me again in vancouver bc canada for ephemeral music
Always time for photos with the talent!

Interviewed on set, Miist said, "This is the most unique song I have written. Narada Michael Walden, Billboard Music's Top 10 All-Time Music Producer (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin), sent me a beat track with some amazing rhythms and instruments. I've always loved Desert Rose by Sting, and as I listened to the track, the lyrics "Remember Me Again" started dancing through the melody in my head. I saw a picture of myself wearing a flowing dress, whispering into the wind while standing on a dune, as my words drifted back through time to a person I knew long ago. I always want to be remembered by the one I can never forget, which is what this song is about.

Miist continued, "Earlier this year, I wrote a song about a long-past relationship called 'Give Her My Love' (released October 2023). It was heartbreaking to write and live through. I am still in contact with the person the song was written about. He is now married with a child, as am I. I don't love him anymore, and I wish him all the happiness in the world, but when I went through that breakup, he meant the world to me. Even now, if I am honest, I don't want him to forget me. I'm not interested in rekindling anything - I don't want to be forgotten; I want to be remembered and always in someone's memory. 'Remember Me Again' is the sequel to 'Give Her My Love,' I have closure on that relationship with the release of this song and music video.

Interview with Miist - 'Remember Me Again'

What would you like the viewer to take away emotionally from watching the video?

"It is okay to reminisce. That doesn't mean you want to go back in time; it just means those memories or those persons were important to your life. We all would like to be thought of even when we have taken a different path in life."

How should we interpret the dancer in the video?

"The dancer represents the new woman in his life. She is oblivious to the fact that he can't forget me. She tries to get him to snap out of reminiscing, but everything in the house reminds him of me. He doesn't love me anymore - he can't forget me. It is not haunting but more like deja vu, which happens repeatedly."

Is this video about feeling emotional, perhaps with jealousy?

"I am not jealous or angry in the story. I simply am there. A scent of a fragrance, a head turn, a reflection in a mirror. He and I had our time, and there are some days where he can't forget me, then life goes on."

What were you seeking to share with your audience about yourself?

"I wanted to share that I have insecurities like everyone. I don't want to be forgotten, especially by him, as I thought we were meant to be at the time. On a deeper level, I think I want to do something that people will remember me for. At this time in my life, I hope that

is for my music and connections with other people through my writing."

With this song, Miist wants those who hear it to realize it is okay not to want to be forgotten, even in relationships that do not work out for them.

"Throughout history, men and women have striven to be remembered for who they were or what they accomplished. Although we may feel we live mundane lives, we still want to be important to those whose lives intertwine with us, and that is okay!"



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