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Miist the Singer

Vocally talented in multiple genres, newcomer singer/songwriter Miist has captured the attention of several of the world's top producers and artists. She  is currently in the studio with multi-Grammy & Emmy Winning Producer Narada Michael Walden (Billboard Magazine Top 10 All-Time Producers 2023).

She started her career in 2024 and has already charted with two songs in five countries including the USA (#3), UK (#4), Canada (#5) on the Pop charts with Move Your Body Slowly and Remember Me Again. Her Music Videos and songs have millions of streams across the globe.

Her current repertoire includes over 60 songs. Within the last 5 months she  has co-written with artists that have over 18 Grammy's and Emmy's.

Miist's Clean-Pop music is from the heart and appeals to an international audience that yearns for simpler times, a less explicit world where love rules supreme.

In her words, she writes and performs "Meaningful music for a difficult world." - Miist.

“A light and inspiration to the world” with “beautiful writing” and “hot vocals.”

Narada Michael Walden

Grammy Award-winning Producer with

57 Number 1 Hits & Billboard Music’s Top 10

All-Time Music Producers

Meaningful music for a difficult world.” Music created with soaring vocals and beautiful lyrics wound into meaningful stories which evoke an emotional response along with foot thumping rhythms.
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